We have two versions of our API kit, Standard and DirectAPI, using the standard kit the customer has to visit the Trillionpay Payment page to post the credit card details.

Using the DirectAPI method, the merchant can pass the credit card information directly to Trillionpay server and the customer can complete the transaction on the Merchant's website.

The Standard kit is available in 3 languages :

ASP Integration Kit ver 2.0.zip
JSP Integration Kit ver 2.0.zip
PHP Integration Kit ver 2.0.zip

Upon extraction, check whether the following files are present:

ASP Integration Kit
functions.asp - functions necessary for calculating checksum
checkout.asp - sample code for your ASP checkout page
redirecturl.asp - sample code for your ASP redirect page

JSP Integration Kit
functions.class, functions.java - functions necessary for calculating checksum
checkout.jsp - sample code for your JSP checkout page
redirecturl.jsp - sample code for your JSP redirect page

PHP Integration Kit
functions.php3 - functions necessary for calculating checksum
checkout.php3 - sample code for your PHP checkout page
redirecturl.php3 - sample code for your PHP redirect page

The DirectAPI (Version 2.0) is currently available in PHP
Click Here to download DirectAPI Kit Version 2.0
- Updated on 3rd Nov 2011

Please Note :
The DirectAPI Version 2.0 comes with the following Modules

- Transaction Auth using the module directcall.php
- Transaction Capture using the module directcallTransactionCapture.php
- Transaction Refund using the module directcallTransactionRefund.php
- Transaction Status using the module directcallStatus.php

Important Links :
Knowledgebase : http://support.trillionpay.com/kb
Support : http://support.trillionpay.com
Merchant Signup : http://secure.trillionpay.com/merchant/signup.jsp
Merchant Login : http://secure.trillionpay.com/merchant
Merchant Kit : http://www.trillionpay.com/kit