No Hidden Cost. We are completely transparent. Lowest Cost Feature-Rich Payment Gateway.

Most Payment Gateways have hidden costs associated with them that may not be disclosed in the beginning.We are completely transparent about ALL costs involved with Trillion Pay.

For Global Merchants :

» Cost for Offshore GB2 Company (Mauritius) : USD 1500 / Year
» Setup Fees: NIL
» Per Transaction Fees: 5% - 11% Per Transaction (Based on Industry / Volumes)
» Supported Cards : Visa / Master
» Integration Fees: NIL
» Free Merchant Integration Kit
» Application Processing Time : 2 Weeks
» Withdrawals : Weekly
» Withdrawal Charges: NIL
» Technical Support: Lifetime FREE

Other Miscellaneous Fees

» Chargeback Fees: USD 25 / Chargeback

For Indian Merchants, please click here :

Apart from this, we Refund your commission charged if you Reverse a transaction. Most Payment Gateways will not provide this facility. Additionally, most Payment Gateways will not disclose all hidden costs on their website.

Trillion Pay has NO other hidden costs. We are today the lowest cost, feature-rich Payment Gateway Solution.

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