Our Integration processes have been defined keeping Two key principles in mind - Ease & Security

The basic functionality of the TrillionPay API can be tested using the following Merchant Administration Login:

Merchant Admin Login :

Username: TrillionPayDemo

Password: qwerty

How It Work

HOW IT WORKSthat stand out for their quality

TrillionPay Merchant Account

Trillion Pay has developed pioneering solutions in the area of Online Transaction Fraud Detection and Risk Mitigation. Trillion Pay has accumulated several years of experience

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TrillionPay Merchant Template

This feature enables you to brand your Payment Pages by customising the Message Text Color, Text Color, Header, Background Color, Images and the Auto Redirect URL.

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TrillionPay Merchant Settings

This is the heart of the Merchant Administration Interface and allows the Merchant to modify his/her Merchant Profile, customise Transaction Pages, Generate Key,

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TrillionPay Merchant Withdrawal

Merchants may withdraw funds from there Merchant Interface anytime.

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TrillionPay Merchant Transactions

This Interface displays all the transactions that have occured on the Merchant's website.

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TrillionPay Merchant Proof Of Delivery

Merchants can Capture the transactions Fully or Partially from this Interface depending,

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TrillionPay Merchant Transaction Reversals

Merchants can reverse transactions from this interface.

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